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Supporting innovation, preserving life

Who we have worked with

Whether it’s delivering state-of-the-art facilities for Illumina and BioMed Realty, collaborating with multinational pharmaceutical brands like AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), or supporting academia at University of Nottingham’s GSK Centre for Sustainable Chemistry we have worked on some of the world’s most exciting projects.

These projects are just a taste of the huge funds being injected globally into a sector that is catalysing property portfolio diversification, as well as town and city centre regeneration.  

How we help you

With broad global experience and deep local knowledge, we help organisations work smarter, faster, and with certainty to create environments that preserve life and protect our planet. 

Through every stage of the project lifecycle, we provide proactive program management, options for better informed decisions, and answers to technically complex challenges. We do this by supporting commercials goals, controlling costs, optimising functions, driving innovation, and embedding sustainable practices from inception and planning to operation and disposal. 

We can establish funding opportunities and business plans, appoint and manage technical teams, through to supporting implementation, construction, delivery and operation.  Along the journey, our digital platforms provide meaningful real-time data bespoke to your needs.

Areas of activity

Repurposing, refurbishment and new development projects in urban centres and dedicated science parks/campuses.  R&D facilities, laboratories, clean rooms, controlled environments, technology and data storage, production, manufacturing warehousing, logistics and administration.

Our experience in the UK

We help create world-class working environments for the most demanding research professionals. We’ve won a reputation in this sector for consistently delivering high quality work and advice on technically complex buildings.

Specialist science and pharmaceutical experience

We’ve helped clients to develop and manage a wide variety of successful refurbishment and new development projects.

To create optimum solutions, we always aim to understand our clients’ requirements in depth, including logistics, warehousing infrastructure, technology and data storage, R&D facilities, laboratories, clean rooms, controlled environments, administration and production.

Tailored project support

We tailor our support and advice to suit individual projects. Our experience in providing advice and management support ranges from a project’s inception and funding, through to final delivery and further operational management.

We help provide clean and controlled environments that ensure good manufacturing processes through a wide range of construction services. These include cost and project management, procurement, sustainability, contract compliance, as well as schedule and cost audits.

Global experience, local knowledge

Gleeds’ global network of offices brings our expertise to clients throughout the world, contributing to their continuing development and success. Our teams are integrated with local communities and have close relationships with many premier science and pharmaceutical companies.

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Galvin Tarling

Galvin Tarling
Global Head, Life Science & Pharmaceuticals

Unsere Kunden schätzen es, dass wir ihre hohen Ansprüche an Qualität und Flexibilität in einem Markt, der sehr stark vom Wettbewerb bestimmt wird, verstehen. Wir schaffen flexible, zukunftsfähige Arbeitsbereiche, die Veränderungen in Forschungsprojekten, Produktentwicklung, Produktpaletten, Produktion oder Personalbesetzung ermöglichen. Galvin Tarling, Head of Science & Pharmaceuticals