ABC Serrano

Renovating a shopping centre is the heart of the city

The ABC Serrano shopping centre is located in one of Madrid’s prime shopping district, known as ‘the golden mile’.

Gleeds is project managing a refurbishment that will re-launch ABC Serrano as a luxury shopping destination.  

Architectural sensitivity

The ABC takes its name from the daily newspaper that used to be housed in one of its three buildings. Featuring beautiful architecture, the idea behind the work is to create a shopping centre inside that will make the headlines.

The development will also make the most of a 1,200m² terrace which had been left undiscovered until recently.

Bringing out the best

To achieve the necessary quality, we’re coordinating a team of companies that specialise in this kind of work. One of the main challenges is to help the contractors deliver to the highest standard whilst adhering to strict ‘cohabitation’ rules, established to minimise disruption to the current retailers and their shoppers.   



bitcoin ATM in Madrid, for shoppers who want to use the innovative payment method in ABC Serrano.


We’re also scheduling work to take place in 2 phases, due to the complex paperwork needed to obtain town planning permits for a protected building.

The results will be worth the effort. The new, improved ABC will feature:

  • Lighting designed by Antón Amann, who worked on the Guggenheim, Bilbao
  • Refurbished facades and a new main square skylight
  • Luxury finishes to return the splendour to this emblematic building
  • Restructuring the lifts and elevators to improve access and space flow

It will also house a new anchor tenant – Mercadona, one of the most popular supermarkets in Spain – as well as many other new stores that will attract visitors to the Calle Serrano shopping area.





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