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Our service offering in Egypt

We help our clients make savings by helping them to design and implement strategies to manage their estates more efficiently.

Independent advice and support

We develop strategies with our clients to that help them make savings by improving the performance of business processes, estates and information communication technology (ICT).

Our team of independent property and procurement professionals, based in the United Kingdom, have expertise in property management, business process and strategy, service delivery, organisational review, ICT and people management.

Specialist expertise

Our clients can choose a range of specialist services including:

Estate rationalisation

We help clients generate value by aligning their property strategy with their corporate plan. This helps release value tied up in property assets and provides for more efficient use of space. It also generates better returns from their property portfolios, and maximises the disposal value of assets.

Maximising Efficiency

We help clients maximise the cost effectiveness of their accommodation by reducing waste and ‘sweating’ the asset more effectively.  Particular areas of focus include utilisation strategies (including agile working), energy and carbon reduction programmes, and the effectiveness of space planning and management systems.

Better procurement performance

We support clients with smart, collaborative, purchasing advice that leads to long-term savings.  Critical to this is ensuring procurement strategy is effectively aligned to supply chains and that risk/reward structures are appropriate.

Facilities management and operation

We design and implement day-to-day running strategies which contribute to cost savings over the life cycle of a property.  These range from discrete FM packages through to total facilities management solutions.

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