Shanghai Auction House

Establishing an auction house in one of the fastest growing art markets in the world.

Located in the Bund area of Shanghai and originally built in 1908, the Ampire Building is now home to Christie’s first official office, exhibition space and auction rooms in China.

An extensive redevelopment of the building commenced on 21 July and the first auction was scheduled for 24 October, making timescales tight, which Gleeds successfully met to project and cost manage construction.

Preserving heritage and protecting artefacts

The historical nature of the internal structure meant that features such as doors and windows could not be changed.

Despite navigating the challenges of meticulous historical preservation, Gleeds secured a decision between the landlord, protection units and designers to ensure restoration met preservation rules and design requirements.


steel plate built to seal the safety room box.

Christie’s also has a high security requirement for materials. Due to the wealth of artefacts housed within the auction house, Gleeds’ role involved the management of high security materials, including explosion-proof glass and alarm systems unique to each window.

Our global network of specialist contractors was a significant asset to the sourcing and installation of bespoke materials.

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Michael Yang

Michael Yang
Managing Director, China