A Quarter in Review is an EMEA insights initiative reviewing construction industry figures from local National Statistics Institutes and examining how they are impacting inflation. With geopolitical turbulence at the forefront of all stakeholder concerns, there is an obvious need to monitor and review price indexes continually. In keeping with the current state of the market, we advise investors to consider inflation contingencies in their budgets as materials and labour shortages across the EMEA construction industry persist.   

Our Market Reports compare global market indexes – from raw materials such as timber and metals to shipping costs - against EU trends and country-specific building trade indexes and CPIs. We believe examining the supply chain is critical as is reviewing cash flow forecasting. 

Explore our full reports on the right-hand side for a comprehensive look at the big picture, in order to make any informed decisions about current construction industry trends. 


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Edna Benavides

Edna Benavides
Associate Director, Intelligence Manager, Europe