Latin America’s construction industry has a vital role to play in helping economic growth across the region.  

Growth is nuanced across countries and sectors, but falling interest rates and increasing prices for the in-demand materials the continent has to offer are key tailwinds. Challenges remain, however, such as political instability and environmental impacts. 

Read our report to learn more about trends impacting project viability to maximise project success. 

What's inside the 1Q/2Q 2024 report? 

  • Results from our market survey: Gain insights from construction industry stakeholders  
  • External industry data: Assess the latest economic data and construction indicators to see how the industry is faring
  • Latest trends: Stay updated on construction materials, labour and tendering trends to enhance project success. 
  • Market dynamics: Learn about the drivers of growth in each local market and which sectors see most activity 
  • Hot topics: Understand influences on the Latin American construction industry, such as digital and artificial intelligence, modern methods of construction and changing working patterns. 

Understand the local market. Get access to data and analysis at a continental and national level in our Latin America Biannual Construction Market Report 1Q/2Q 2024 to better navigate the changing currents. 



Michael Penny

Michael Penny
Country Director, Peru

Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts
Executive Cost Manager