The time for sustainable infrastructure is now, but it's a tough market out there for construction, especially between the labour and materials shortages. So how do we actually hold our nerve?

Our experts across rail and energy held a roundtable on 8th September to take on that question. The discussion dove into findings from our Energy & Infrastructure Report 2021 on the solutions our industry needs to deliver better and more sustainable infrastructure. 

From AI and 3D printing to small modular nuclear reactors and harnessing the ambition of a diverse next generation, there's no shortage of avenues we must pursue to respond to the climate crisis, support social-economic recovery, bridge the skills gap, and more. 

80% of UK emissions currently come from infrastructure sectors.

Our speakers and panellists:


Due to the volume of questions received during webinar, we were not able to answer all of them live. Check out our additional Q&A over here.

Dean Purvis

Dean Purvis
Global Head of Infrastructure

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